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Packages that use Graph
com.alexmerz.graphviz This package contains the Tokenizer and Parser classes to create a datastructure from an Reader containing a Graphviz document. 
com.alexmerz.graphviz.objects This package contains the objects representing a Graph including all its Node, Edges and Subgraphs. 

Uses of Graph in com.alexmerz.graphviz

Methods in com.alexmerz.graphviz that return types with arguments of type Graph
 java.util.ArrayList<Graph> Parser.getGraphs()
          Returns the main Graphs found in the Reader stream

Method parameters in com.alexmerz.graphviz with type arguments of type Graph
 void Parser.graph(java.util.ArrayList<Graph> gglist)
          Production for a single graph
 void Parser.graphs(java.util.ArrayList<Graph> gglist)
          Production for all graph definitions in the stream

Uses of Graph in com.alexmerz.graphviz.objects

Methods in com.alexmerz.graphviz.objects that return types with arguments of type Graph
 java.util.ArrayList<Graph> Graph.getSubgraphs()
          Returns a list of all sub graphs.

Methods in com.alexmerz.graphviz.objects with parameters of type Graph
 void Graph.addSubgraph(Graph graph)
          Adds a sub graph to a graph