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Packages that use Node

Uses of Node in com.alexmerz.simpleviz.parser

Classes in com.alexmerz.simpleviz.parser that implement Node
 class ASTAttribute
 class ASTAttributeList
 class ASTEdge
 class ASTGenericAttribut
 class ASTGenericAttributeList
 class ASTGraph
 class ASTGraphAttribute
 class ASTNode
 class ASTNodeAttribute
 class ASTNodePort
 class ASTStart
 class ASTSubgraph
 class SimpleNode

Methods in com.alexmerz.simpleviz.parser that return Node
 Node SimpleNode.jjtGetChild(int i)
 Node Node.jjtGetChild(int i)
          This method returns a child node.
 Node SimpleNode.jjtGetParent()
 Node Node.jjtGetParent()

Methods in com.alexmerz.simpleviz.parser with parameters of type Node
 void SimpleNode.jjtAddChild(Node n, int i)
 void Node.jjtAddChild(Node n, int i)
          This method tells the node to add its argument to the node's list of children.
 void SimpleNode.jjtSetParent(Node n)
 void Node.jjtSetParent(Node n)
          This pair of methods are used to inform the node of its parent.