Uses of Class

Packages that use Id
com.alexmerz.graphviz This package contains the Tokenizer and Parser classes to create a datastructure from an Reader containing a Graphviz document. 
com.alexmerz.graphviz.objects This package contains the objects representing a Graph including all its Node, Edges and Subgraphs. 

Uses of Id in com.alexmerz.graphviz

Methods in com.alexmerz.graphviz that return Id
          Production for single id element

Uses of Id in com.alexmerz.graphviz.objects

Methods in com.alexmerz.graphviz.objects that return Id
 Id Node.getId()
          Returns the id object for the node
 Id Graph.getId()
          Returns the Id object to the Graph

Methods in com.alexmerz.graphviz.objects with parameters of type Id
 Node Graph.findNode(Id id)
          Tries to find a node of a Graph depending on the given Id object.
 boolean Id.isEqual(Id eid)
          Compares the Ids.
 void Node.setId(Id id)
          Sets the Id object for this node
 void Graph.setId(Id id)
          Sets the Id object for this graph