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Tomcat&PHP FAQ

http://www.alexander-merz.com/img//242ccffeff5be871.gifThis FAQ is a summary of several articles related to problems with Tomcat&PHP
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Tomcat&PHP - Installation (engl.)

http://www.alexander-merz.com/img//242ccffeff5be871.gifSince a longer periode of time it is already possible to use PHP under Tomcat. But aside of some special cases, that doesn't make a lot of sense. The classic Apache webserver and PHP are a perfect team. So why should you do this?
Weiterlesen | verfasst am 30.06.2005

Tomcat&PHP - How does it work?

http://www.alexander-merz.com/img//242ccffeff5be871.gifWelcome to the second part: Today we will take a closer look on Tomcat, and how PHP works under Tomcat.
Weiterlesen | verfasst am 03.07.2005

Tomcat&PHP - Predefined Variables

http://www.alexander-merz.com/img//242ccffeff5be871.gifThe last time, I noticed already, that Tomcat provides a set of objects to use Tomcat features. Today I will dive into these objects - and we will write our first web page using Tomcat features.
Weiterlesen | verfasst am 13.12.2005

Tomcat&PHP - JSP tags in PHP

http://www.alexander-merz.com/img//242ccffeff5be871.gifToday we will take a look on JSP tags, and I present you some classes to use them in PHP scripts.
Weiterlesen | verfasst am 14.12.2005

Tomcat&PHP - Performance

http://www.alexander-merz.com/img//242ccffeff5be871.gifIn this fifth and last part of the article series, we test the duo Tomcat and PHP, if they are fast and stable enough in a production environment.
Weiterlesen | verfasst am 15.12.2005

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